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5 JFT 2024 Board Slate
6 Jewish Federation of Tulsa Upcoming Events
8 Proud To Be… Israeli May Remembrances and Celebrations by
Shahaf Feinkuchen
9 Israel’s Yoms Remembrances and Celebrations
10 There’s Much to be Proud of Jewish Tulsa! by Isabella Silberg
12 Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center
Upcoming Events
14 The Tzedek Project by Laura Allen
15 The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art Events and Exhibitions
16 Join Us at Mizel JCDS by Amanda Anderson
17 Zarrow Pointe Butterflies
18 Tulsa Teens Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple by Conley Bolusky
19 Simchas
21 The Zarrow Pointe Centennial Club© by Phil Goldfarb
22 Jewish Geneology in the Digital Age
23 Chabad
24 Yom Hashoah
25 Congregation B’nai Emunah – Events Calendar
26 Temple Israel – Events Calendar
27 Temple Israel Ready for a Vibrant Future; Moves Forward with
Plans for New Building by Rabbi Michael Weinstein
28 CSJCC Pool Hours


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