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December Issue


2 Jewish Federation of Tulsa Message Board3 The General Assembly by Jasmine Rikin, Isabella Silberg, Sandy Sloan, and Sarah Winkelman
4 The Benefits of Giving by Joy Platt
5 Israel at Seventy-Five by Chen Shoval
6-7 Jewish Federation of Tulsa Upcoming Events
8 Bringing Light on Dark Times by Sarah Winkelman
9 The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art (SMMJA) Upcoming Exhibitions
10-11 The Five Pillars of the Miller Museum Gala by Lynn Goldberg and Tracey Herst-Woods
12 My Fitness Journey by Benny Ortiz
12 Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center (CSJCC)
Fitness Challenge and Winter Break Camp
13 Healthy Spaghetti Squash Bake by Sarah Winkelman
14 Mizel JCDS – How Jewish Day School Shaped My Life
by Jillian Roberts
15 Community Corner
16-17 Zarrow Pointe – Legacy of Laughter “Thank You”
18-19 The History of the American Jewish Deli ©by Phil Goldfarb
20 B’nai Emunah – Events Calendar
21 Blatt + Blue : Hallelujah
21 Light, Sustainability, and More
22-23 Temple Israel – Events Calendar
24 Tulsa Tomorrow Invites Seventeen Participants on Semiannual Trip to Tulsa by Rebekah Kantor
25 Chabad – Chanukah at the Gathering Place

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