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5 The Staff Scoop: L’Dor V’Dor by Wendy Thomas
6 Jewish Federation of Tulsa Upcoming Events
8 Be a GEM by Isabella Silberg
9 Soldiers in Uniform by Shahaf Feinkuchen
10 Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center
Upcoming Events
12 What Makes Camp Shalom a Safe Place? by Sandy Sloan
14 The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art Events and Exhibitions
15 History of the Spartan Boys: A Tulsa Jewish Story
by Sofia Thornblad
16 Bringing Mickey Mouse and Holocaust Memory to Tulsa
by Danny M. Cohen
17 Fighting Antisemitism: One Classroom at a Time by Bella Levine
18 Mizel JCDS Continues to Grow—and Make a Difference!
by Amanda Anderson
19 Zarrow Pointe Butterflies
20 The History of the Wimpel© by Phil Goldfarb
22 Simchas
23 On Temple Israel’s New Building by Rabbi Daniel S. Kaiman
25 Congregation B’nai Emunah – Events Calendar
26 Temple Israel – Events Calendar
27 Brina Reinstein Installed as President of Temple Israel
by Lesley Baumgartner
28 Honey Sales Rosh Hashanah Fundraiser


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