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The Jewish Federation of Tulsa Foundation has a long history of responsibly building and managing endowment and donor advised philanthropic funds to build a strong and sustainable Jewish future in Tulsa and beyond. The JFT Foundation works with professional financial advisors to help create your lasting legacy through your generous charitable donation. Planned giving is an excellent way to make a meaningful impact in your Jewish community while accommodating your personal, financial, estate-planning, and philanthropic goals.

Donor Advised Funds

We know that you desire to support the Jewish Federation of Tulsa as well as other worthy charitable causes. A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a vehicle that enables you to receive tax benefits immediately have access to a professionally managed portfolio, and make charitable impact simple, effective and long lasting. A DAF is a named fund held at the JFT Foundation that enables you to support any IRS approved charitable organization.  Once established, you, your family or any designated advisor can make recommendations on distributions at any time to support causes of specific interest to you. This is a great vehicle to invest in the future of the Jewish community and teach your children about philanthropic values. A minimum contribution of $10,000 is required to establish a Donor Advised Fund.

Endowments and Legacy Giving

The Tulsa community benefits every year from donors who create legacy gifts of permanent endowments that support our annual campaign, building, and community programs. An endowment is a gift maintained in permanence with the earnings providing annual support. Endowed gifts plant a tree that bears fruit (earnings) to ensure Jewish institutions and traditions available today are available for generations to come. These gifts are a fundamental component to ensuring a vibrant Jewish future.

Common purposes of endowment funds are for unrestricted operations, Lion of Judah, to support annual campaign and to support other programs impactful and meaningful to you. We also accept donations for existing endowment funds to grow its base and future impact. 

There are many options for donors to deepen their philanthropic impact. When considering these gift strategies, you should always consult with your own legal counsel and tax advisors. A philanthropic advisor at the Jewish Federation of Tulsa is happy to work with these professional advisors to design a gift plan that will serve your needs and giving goals, as well as those of the Jewish community. A minimum gift of $100,000 is required to establish an Endowment.

Fund Types

The addition to or creation of an annual campaign endowment fund demonstrates your belief in the continuity of Jewish life for generations to come. Your investment will continue to care for Jews in needs, Jewish causes, and ensure a vibrant Jewish future in Tulsa and around the world in perpetuity.

Designated funds are a vehicle to raise support specific programs or causes. All distributions from the funds are to support those specific purpose identified at the fund’s establishment. These funds are great for a group of community members that want to unify and raise awareness and support collectively.

The JFT Foundation already hold several designated funds which can still receive donations. Contact us to discuss the best funds to meet your needs at

This is a fund established at the JFT Foundation that works as a charitable bank account. All donations to the fund are tax deductible at the time of the gift, professionally managed and distributable to any qualified charitable organization, Jewish or non-Jewish.

Contribute to a Fund

All donations are tax deductible. Below is a list of funds held at the JFT Foundation that are currently accepting public donations. 

  • Jewish Federation of Tulsa Operating Endowment – This fund supports the operations and mission of the Jewish Federation of Tulsa.
  • Brina Reinstein Annual Campaign Endowment – This fund annually supports the Jewish Federation of Tulsa Annual Campaign and, accordingly, its breadth of programs, services and community support.
  • Dave Sylvan Camp Scholarship Fund – This fund provides need-based scholarships to Camp Shalom campers.
  • Eva Unterman Holocaust Education Fund – This fund provides financial support for projects that foster understanding, education and commemoration of the Holocaust.
  • JFT Building Facility Endowment – This fund supports ongoing costs of upkeep and operation of the JFT building and land.
  • CSJCC Membership Endowment Fund – This fund provides operating support for Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center.
  • David Finer BBYO Leadership Fund – This purpose of this fund is to ensure an ongoing and vibrant BBYO program in Tulsa.
  • Marj & Hershel Rubin BBYO Leadership Fund – This fund provides support for the BBYO program in Tulsa and scholarships.
  • Ellen Singer BBG Fund – This fund provides leadership and Jewish intensification support for young women participating in local Nona Bloch Salomon BBG Chapter.
  • Sherwin Miller Museum Endowment – This fund supports the operations and mission of The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art.
  • Herb Miller Student Education Fund – This fund provides support for transportation, admissions and other costs associated with providing access to children and young adults who would not otherwise have resources to visit The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art.

To learn how you can contribute to a specific fund, please contact


We are happy to speak to you directly about your donation and giving plans. Please call us with questions at 918-495-1100 or send an email to Making a difference with philanthropy!