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What You Can Do

  1. LEARN: Many of our partners are providing regular updates and numerous resources.
  2. ADVOCATE: Tell your State Representative and Senator to support Israel. Talk to your friends about the situation in Israel.
  3. DONATE: The Jewish Federation of Tulsa works with our partners on the ground to support victims of terror, rebuild damaged infrastructure, and address unprecedented levels of trauma. 100 percent of funds donated go directly to supporting Israel’s immense needs.
  4. THANK AN ISRAELI SOLDIER: Want to thank an Israeli soldier for their service? Record a video thanking them, speaking in whatever language you wish. Send your video over WhatsApp to +1-201-6208540. More information here.

The list of funding allocations is changing rapidly. For a list of current funding allocations through our partners on the ground click the button below.

Medical Volunteers For Israel

The Jewish Agency assists in coordinating the volunteers’ arrival to Israel during the emergency.

The information required in the link will help the Jewish Agency tailor a meaningful position for you that fits your skills and needs.  

The Ministry of Health will analyze the volunteers’ professional backgrounds as part of a tailor-made recruitment process. 

Please click the link below to submit your volunteer information. The Jewish Agency is creating a pool of medical volunteers and will reach out if needed.

Resources For Talking To Children About Israel

Helping Children Cope After a Traumatic Event

ADL’s Table Talk: Family Conversations about Current Events

How to Talk to Kids About What’s Happening in Israel Right Now

Our PJ Library partner, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation has developed a page where you can find tips and resources on how to explain this horrific attack on Israel to your children. Access these resources 


Send a letter or drawing to Israeli soldiers, citizens and children to raise their spirits

Adopt an IDF soldier in prayer


Jews have been dispossessed of their land, their homes, their belongings, from many countries (Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia, Yemen, Morocco, England, Russia, Ukraine, France) just as their ancestors were dispossessed by the Romans in the first two centuries of the common era, and by the Babylonians before them. This does not in any way justify the dispossession of Palestinians from their land and homes and belongings, but it is Jewish history. Here we are, two peoples, stuck together. There is no way forward without recognition of that reality.

Jews are still in deep, deep pain but that does not mean we cannot recognize that our Muslim, Palestinian, and Arab American friends are also in pain. We are capable of this nuance: standing with the Israeli people after the horrors of October 7th, and acknowledging our neighbors’ pain.

We are also capable of unequivocally condemning Hamas’ terror, supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, and demanding the unconditional release of the hostages, while also decrying the loss of innocent Palestinian lives. In fact, all of it is necessary if we are to ever find a path towards peace.

Particularly as extremists exploit this crisis to spread antisemitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hate and bigotry, we are reminded that our communities’ safety and futures are inextricably linked.

Israel was created, in part, to ensure that Jews could never be massacred again. This has already occurred as civilians, women, children, the elderly, have indiscriminately been a target of Hamas. On October 7, 2023, more Jews died in a single day than any day since the Holocaust. In this war, Israeli soldiers will die and innocent Palestinians will die. Hamas is responsible for the loss of all those lives. If evil is permitted to win peace will not be possible.

Interactive Map of Atrocities Committed on October 7

Additional Background & Resources

Hamas: Hamas is an Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip and openly seeks the destruction of Israel. Israel unilaterally evacuated Gaza in 2005 leaving its residents with the freedom to build a prosperous new nation. Instead, Hamas chose to take the country in a different direction. Since 2005, Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza have launched over 20,000 rockets and mortars at Israel, carried out more than one hundred suicide bombings, and dug dozens of terror tunnels into Israeli communities—all at the expense of the people of Gaza.

Why Does Hamas Fire Rockets into Israel? 

Hamas’s Control Over Gaza

AIPAC Briefing 1-pager on Hamas

Israel at War: A guide to understanding the war between Israel and Hamas

Iran as largest state sponsor of terror: Iran views Hamas as a proxy and uses the terrorist organization to pursue its ultimate goal of destroying Israel. Iran and Hamas work together to prevent Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation. In recent years, Tehran has contributed upwards of $70 million per year in financial and military support to Hamas.