Spice, Candle, Action! YJP Havdalah


Jan 28 2023


5:30 pm
Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center


Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center
Isabella Silberg - JFT Director of Programs


Isabella Silberg - JFT Director of Programs

The Young Jewish Professionals community has maintained consistency in monthly Shabbats and other program gatherings.

Come celebrate, give thanks to those involved in the Federation, and learn about leadership opportunities! We will close out Shabbat with a meaningful Havdalah followed by dinner, drinks, and a show by our very own RetroSPEC (Andrew Spector) and his friend BPagz (Ben Pagliaro). 

Eats by Et. Al and signature cocktails by Inner Circle Vodka Bar. 

Hear from your fellow YJPs about what they love about their role in Federation and how you can get involved too!

More about BPagz and RetroSPEC:

BPagz and RetroSPEC go way back to freestyle rapping together in the music studio as counselors at Jewish summer camp. We picked back up rapping together over Zoom during COVID-19, and performed together last October at the ish Jewish Music Festival in Cincinnati as one of the openers for Matisyahu.

Ben Pagliaro aka BPagz is your typical music nerd from Jewish summer camp. Professionally, he tours from one Jewish community to the next leading them in song and worship. Over the last few years he’s put out two albums and recently published his poetic children’s book entitled “I Have a Choice.” He hopes to bring a Hamilton-style rap experience to Jews by infusing concepts from our rich tradition into emotive poetic stylings.

Andrew Spector aka RetroSPEC’s day job is as co-founder and program director of Tulsa Changemakers, a youth leadership development and action initiative that empowers elementary, middle, and high school students to make meaningful change in their schools and communities. Whenever he’s got the time, he likes to freestyle rap and talk Judaism with his friend BPagz.