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Eva K. Unterman Conference for Holocaust Educators Highlights Value of Holocaust Education

by Nancy Pettus, director of holocaust education

With the July 28-29, 2022, Eva K. Unterman Conference for Holocaust Educators on the horizon, I am excited to once again share the important lessons of the Holocaust with participating teachers from the Tulsa area and beyond. In our quest to explain the significance of Holocaust education, I would like to share with you lessons I have learned and taught throughout my 25+ years in this field.

An examination of the Holocaust is important to:

-Recognize what it means to be a human being who must understand how respect and acceptance can end “Man’s inhumanity to man”.
-Understand the dangers of unchecked prejudice, scapegoating, discrimination, and dehumanization
-Trace and understand the history of Antisemitism
-Discover that the Holocaust didn’t have to happen. It happened in part because too many bystanders did nothing to stop it. This apathy led to dangerous conclusions.
-Realize that in every one of us there is the potential for being a perpetrator as well as the capacity for being an upstander.
-Learn from the past to shape the future.
-prevent the voices of those 11 million from being silenced forever.

These goals which remain significant in today’s world further reinforce the need for Holocaust Education.
To this end I am honored to offer teachers the opportunity to learn from expert presenters who will not only offer the history of this watershed event, but also its lessons, which are more relevant than ever to our present-day students.

2021 conference attendees