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DIY Mask Kit Program

“My mask protects you and yours protects me.”

In the time of COVID-19, wearing a mask not only fulfills CDC and city-mandated guidelines, but serves as an act of kindness to protect yourself and others.  This act of “kindness” is embedded in our Jewish tradition. As Jews, we are taught to practice Pikuach Nefesh, which means saving a life. This means that the value of human life overrides virtually any other practice or belief.

The Jewish Federation of Tulsa wants to take this opportunity to protect the members of our community. That is why we are offering a DIY Mask Kit for you and your family to do together.  We will provide a free kit with masks and decorating supplies for you to pick up at the Federation. We ask that you send us a picture of your completed masks so we may document this time as a community together.

Please send the photos of your decorated masks to Isabella Silberg to be featured in the Tulsa Jewish Review.