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About JFT


The mission of the Jewish Federation of Tulsa is to preserve and enhance Jewish life and well-being in Eastern Oklahoma, Israel, and the entire world.

This mission is being addressed by pursuing charitable, humanitarian, cultural, educational, health, and social service needs of the Jewish community as well as engaging in community relations and outreach and providing a variety of services to the broader Tulsa community.

The Jewish Federation of Tulsa is the umbrella for The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art and the Charles Schusterman Jewish Community Center


The Jewish Federation of Tulsa was established on October 25, 1938, at the Mayo Hotel by Gershon Fenster, Julius Livingston, Howard Conhaim, Raymond Kravis, Henry Fist, Benedict Lubell, Travis Milsten, Claude H. Rosenstein, and Pug Meyers. The purpose was to informally discuss the problems confronting Tulsa Jewry and what could and should be done about them. The Tulsa Jewish community will always be grateful to these men of vision, wisdom, and Jewish consciousness.

Core Values

The success of the Jewish Federation derives from an engaged Board of Directors, dedicated staff, generous donors, and an abundance of committed volunteers.

Our work is guided by these core values:

  • Kehila – Community
    Fostering a connected and collaborative Jewish community, characterized by respect, empathy, and understanding.
  • Tzedek – Justice
    Continuously improving the quality of life of all Tulsans, as well as our partners in Israel and abroad, through philanthropic giving of our resources and time. 
  • L’Dor V’dor – From Generation to Generation
    Sustaining the culture, traditions, and collective memory of the Jewish people, through innovative intergenerational programming that is meaningful, educational, and fun. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Jewish Federation of Tulsa (JFT) is committed to being a transparent, adaptive, inclusive, and collaborative space.  JFT strives to create a caring, and united community rooted in Jewish values and traditions. We embrace and value differences, such as ethnicity and national origin, religious denomination and spiritual practice, race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic levels, and mental and physical ability. 

Deepening our understanding of who we are begins with listening to the distinct voices that make up our Tulsa community. JFT has made a commitment to advancing and fostering inclusion and encouraging everyone to participate and understand Jewish life.


2021 Board of Directors

Ed Sherman, President

Allan Avery

Klara Bode

Brian Brouse

John Clayman

Gloria Estlin

Larry Feldman

Lori Frank

Alex Goldberg

Jared Goldfarb

Roxanne Imeson

Jennifer Joels

Ed Kaplan

Matt Katz

Dr. Myron Katz

Jackie Lasky

Michael Lerner

Itzik Levin

Lori Lieb-Rosas

Mark Lobo

Nancy Lobo

Michael Mudd

David Patterson

Jennifer Paxton

Ari Rotenberg

Lynn Schusterman

John Sieler

Norm Simon

Andrew Spector

Jon Stolper

Eva Unterman

Zachary Waxman

Jody Weise

Andy Wolov

Jodi Finer Zalk

Stephen Zeligson


Aida Nozick
Executive Director 

Joy E. Platt
Deputy Director of Finance and Administration

Martha Kelley
Deputy Director of CSJCC

Tracey Herst-Woods
Deputy Director of SMM

Debbie O’Hearn
Executive Assistant

Chen Shoval
Israeli Emissary

Nancy Pettus
Director of Holocaust Education

Greg Falconetti
Director of  Education and Library Services

Mickel Yantz
Director of  Collections and Exhibitions

Charles Taylor
Director of Exhibit Services

Hannah Bakewell
Fitness Manager 

Shelly Callahan
JCC Membership

Isabella Silberg
Program Coordinator

Sandy Sloan
Campaign Coordinator

Katherine Jackson
Accounting Associate

Jasmine Rikin
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Falisha Brown

James Gilbert 
Facilities Manager

Ruben Rojas

Career Opportunities

No career opportunities available at this time.


We are always looking to learn and grow. We appreciate your feedback.

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